Well-Qualified Teachers


a) AMI qualified with many years of teaching experience

b) First-class trained teachers

c) Trained in Developmental Psychology and Child Psychology

d) Bachelor's, Master’s degree and long experience.

Modern Classrooms


a) Modern learning tools and equipment

b) Educational toys

c) Computer laboratory

d) Science laboratories


e) TV, Video and multi-media


f) Air-conditioning/fans



a) Swimming


c) Badminton

d) Football


e) Physical Training


f) Basketball

Extracurricular activities


a) Spoken English

 b) Effective Speech

 c) Speech and Drama

 d) Science Club


 e) English Club


 f) Art & Culture Club

  g) Yearbook (school magazine)

Easy Access


a) Location -. (No: 285/1, Galvihara Road (Off Hill Street), Dehiwala. About a half kilometer from Dehiwala Junction.

b) Saving time-by dropping off your children directly at the doorstep
direct into the teacher's care.

c) Early opening of gates -7.00 a.m.


Computer Center


The air-conditioned computer center is equipped with the latest PENTIUM computers. Competent  personnel are in charge of the center, and they are more than capable of meeting the IT needs of AIS students.



The school operates a snack bar facility on the campus. Students can purchase snacks and drinks during the school interval and after school.

Safe Drinking Water


Bottled water is purchased from reputable water bottling companies to ensure it is safe to drink.

Field Trips


Field trips are a part of the educational process. All school rules apply on such trips, and students are not allowed to go on field trips without parental permission.The school encourages students to participate in field trips, so that they gain direct experience of what they study and become conscious of the world they live in.



Though the medium of instruction is English, the curriculum affords the students opportunity to learn French Sinhala, Tamil, and Dhivehi.